Seven Binks – Bat 7

Seven Binks – Bat 7 

Seven Binks – Bat 7  Fullalbum download : Seven Binks just dropped a new Album titled ” Bat 7 its there latest album this year with 19 tracks on this new one and a host of featured artist listen and enjoy below.
1. Rez de chaussée (Intro)
2. Avion (Bolémvn, Keusty, Koba LaD & Shotas)
3. On arrose (Bolémvn, Keusty, Koba LaD & Shotas)
4. Monument (Bolémvn, Chicaille Argenté, Kaflo, Keusty, Koba LaD, Kodes, Shotas & Zeze)
5. La moula (Kodes)
6. Menotté (Koba LaD)
7. Top Boy (Bolémvn, Koba LaD & Shotas)
8. Diego (Zeze)
9. 7 fille (Bolémvn & Shotas)
10. Biffzer (Bolémvn & Keusty)
11. La folie (Kaflo & Keusty)
12. Quel bay (Bolémvn, Koba LaD & Shotas)
13. Punir (Bolémvn & Keusty)
14. Caché (Bolémvn, Chicaille Argenté, Kaflo, Keusty, Koba LaD, Kodes, Shotas & Zeze)
15. Valeurs B (Chicaille Argenté & Keusty)
16. Jack’O (Bolémvn & Koba LaD)
17. La famille (Kodes & Zeze)
18. Dans ma ville (Bolémvn & Zeze)
19. Avant (Bolémvn, Koba LaD & Shotas)
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