Do You want your Tiktok Videos to viral : Here is how to do it

Having an account on TikTok is great. To know how to make your video trend on TikTok, read this article till the end.
How to make your video Trending on TikTok
Post a captivating description before you start shooting your video. Start typing the word ‘Tik Tok’. This will help to produce a list of TikTok users to follow. Follow them, to get to know more about TikTok and understand how to create fun videos to attract viewers.
It is advised to have your unique username so that you can get recognized easily. Make sure to use your name or the name of your group to help people to find out that the creator is just you. This will increase the number of views to your videos and also followers to follow you.
To shoot a good video, first, try to see if it can be useful to other TikTok users. Try to share a fun story to tell to others. You can also post some interesting facts to shock people. It should be positive to create a good reputation to attract viewers to your videos.
To ensure that the video does not get flagged on the app, you have to make it appropriate for all ages to watch. Do not post anything irrelevant or obscene images in the video description to prevent your account to be deleted to avoid flagging.
Do not use any kind of copyrighted music to avoid copyright infringement. You can always make a video only on audio to save your account to get flagged.
If you do have to post some inappropriate content to attract viewers to your videos, ensure that the content is not pornographic and not used for any illegal activity. Also, refrain from posting hateful comments to avoid being locked out to other users to view your videos.
To make your video trend on TikTok, you have to ensure to include tags that are relevant to the video content. Make sure to use at least 20 tags that are related to the video to which it is posted. Always mention the word ‘Tik Tok’ to attract the app to upload.
To ensure that your videos go viral, you have to post them regularly to create awareness of viewers to watch your videos more often. It is also advisable to put in the efforts to promote your videos on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to increase your social media presence to attract more viewers to see the videos.
You can also use hashtags to make your video trending on TikTok. You can also try to search for a hashtag that has not been used, to ensure that you do not follow the trend to help the app easily detect the tags to upload. Once you have to do to make your video trend on the TikTok app is to follow the steps to ensure that your video catches a lot of people’s attention.
To sign up to this amazing platform to connect with other users, go to and create an account for free.

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