5 Proven Strategies for Increasing Your Blog Traffic: How to Rank on Google

Many bloggers are looking for ways to increase the traffic on their blog. This is a big deal because it will help you grow your following and rank higher in Google search results. There are many different strategies that can be used, but we have found 5 very effective ones that work well when combined together. The first two are all about creating content and getting links from other sites while also engaging with others online. The next three focus on promotion through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So let’s get started!
Strategy # One: Create Content That Attracts Links and Engages with Online Audiences.
This should be your first priority when trying to build traffic on your blog. There are many different ways that you can accomplish this but here is one of the simplest ones – Google Alerts! You will need a Gmail account for this, but it’s worth the small investment. Once you have set up your alerts and they are working well, start submitting content that relates to those topics on other blog sites. This will help drive people back to your site for more!
Strategy # Two: Build Your Own Links by Creating Content That Doesn’t Look Self-Promotional.
Don’t just create content and hope that others will link to it. You can do more by creating a blog post about how to get links, for example – then linking back to your site from the article you created! This is done in all of those “how-to” articles on the internet because they are extremely helpful and people love to share them.
Strategy # Three: Use Social Media for More Exposure.
Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all great platforms that you can use in order to grow your following online. For example, if someone follows you on Twitter they will be more likely to come back because of the constant updates as well as links from other sites.
Strategy # Four: Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog Posts and Content.
Even if someone is already following you, it doesn’t hurt to share those blog posts that are related to your niche – they may not know about them! You can also promote content on Facebook or LinkedIn by posting a link in the newsfeed of your followers.
Strategy # Five: Reach Out to Other Bloggers for Cross-Promotion (aka Guest Posting).
Guest posting is when you write a post on someone else’s blog site and they do the same on yours in return – it can be very successful! You will need another blogger that has similar content to yours and that has a large following. If you both post on each other’s blogs, your content will be exposed to new people who may not have seen it otherwise!
Tip: A good way to find blog partners is by using Blogger Linkup or another company with the same idea as MeetUp – these allow bloggers of similar interests to connect with one another.
Tip: You can also find bloggers through Google search by typing in “find other bloggers like me”. There are many sites that will pop up where you can browse for others and contact them about guest posting.

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